Live Painting FAQs

Have questions about the process, how long the process takes, etc.? You're not alone! Listed below are some of my most asked questions:

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What is live wedding painting?

Live wedding painting allows the artist (me) to capture a quick moment and turn it into a beautiful painting that will last for generations.

A painting allows for a more intimate feeling than a picture does and can even include those that are no longer with us to celebrate (grandparents, parents, pets, etc.). Not only do you end up with a painting that you can keep, but this serves as a form of entertainment for your guests! They are welcome to and encouraged to come watch the painting come to life!

How does it work?

I will arrive to the wedding about 2-3 hours before the desired moment to be painted takes place just so that I can really get started on the background. Not only will this help with time, but it makes it so that there's already something on the canvas by the time that guests arrive.

From there I'll take some pictures/videos and work from them for the rest of the wedding, and work to complete as much of the painting for the rest of the night. I then take the painting home so that I can finish it up and varnish your piece. Painting delivery/shipment will be predetermined.

Can you add late family members, friends, pets?

Yes! I'll work with you ahead of time during our virtual consultation to make sure I get any photos that may be needed for this.

How long does a painting take?

It varies by complexity and canvas size. Paintings can take me anywhere from 8-18 hours (including studio time). Paintings with just two people on a smaller canvas will be quicker than paintings with more people in them on larger canvases.

What's needed from me?

I aim to make this as smooth as possible for you on your big day so all I ask for is a space for me to paint, a chair, and access to an outlet. I bring my own easel, paints, canvas, ring light (for when it gets dark), and any other necessities.

What can I expect for pricing?

My packages are priced at anywhere between $1,100 and $3,000. Final pricing ultimately depends on complexity of a painting and canvas size. For more details on pricing, click here:

Live Wedding Painting Packages

For a more accurate quote, please send a submission (located at the bottom of this page).

Are payment plans offered?

Yes! I require 25% of the total as a down payment that secures your date and is used to purchase the materials. After that, payment can be paid up front or split into 3 even payments spread out between date of booking and date of the wedding.

Can you be a surprise for the bride/groom?

Yes! I've had a few weddings where I was a complete surprise to the bride and groom and they didn't find out until the day of. The process is still the same, I just consult with you rather than with the bride/groom. You can also surprise them a few weeks before the wedding and allow them to have a say in what moment they would like captured, any special requests, etc. Whichever you choose, I will work with you to pull the surprise off!