About the Artist

Maria De La O Sanchez,

better known as MDS Creations, is a 25-year-old Mexican American Artist living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She primarily works in Procreate, but has a deep passion and appreciation for watercolors. “The fluidity of the paint is thrilling, it’s almost like it has a mind of its own. You’re never quite in complete control over the paint, you just have to work with it and that is the most beautiful part of it”.

MDS Creations was started during the height of the 2020 Covid lockdown. De La O Sanchez found herself unemployed and had all the time in the world. Her Etsy site started with just a couple of prints and a handful of original pieces. Fast forward to today, MDS Creations has different collections of prints, original paintings, stickers, buttons, jewelry, resin coasters and keychains, and hopes to expand into apparel soon. “I want MDS Creations to reach every state in the country, that is one of my biggest goals”.